Hahn Promotes School Safety While Incumbent Johnson-Hostler Plays Politics

A handful of Wake County students have taken to Twitter by storm in recent months vocalizing their concerns about school safety and their disdain for School Resource Officers (SROs) while tagging all school board members. On September 9, 2020 Great Schools in Wake Coalition conducted “SROs in WCPSS: The Year Ahead and Beyond.” The panel consisted of five members and not one represented law enforcement. The meeting focused on what SROs didn’t have, versus what they offer or provide. Wake County School Board members, Monika Johnson-Hostler (District 2) and Christine Kushner (District 6), stated that it was important to listen to students and their concerns regarding SROs. It’s also important noting that Monika, my opponent, was the lone vote in June to remove SROs from Wake County Schools.

“a pig in a uniform with some badge and bullets does NOT protect me. but y’all don’t care what i think, right?” ~ Wake County student

Wake County Black Student Coalition demands…

According to some students, they don’t feel safe at school and that SROs target certain groups of people. Interestingly, Monika and Christine are picking and choosing which student tweets to listen to and use for their agenda while turning a blind eye to other astonishing tweets from these exact same students toward school staff.

“Our SROs are on the front lines of preventing sex trafficking, abuse, gun crimes, and everything else under the sun. As a school board member, I will support our SROs and WCPSS policy promising a safe environment for everyone!” ~ Greg Hahn

Here are just three tweets from Wake County students. There are many more.

As you can see, these tweets from a few students are alarming, disrespectful, and hateful. Law enforcement was not present on this panel, yet these two school board members are listening to a select few student’s demands for removing SROs. Do you see a problem with this “advisory” panel?

If these students feel that their school is an unsafe environment or feel targeted or discriminated in any way, there is a procedure for this as outlined in the school board policy. “Any student who believes that he or she or another student has been subject to misconduct that violates this policy should immediately report the situation.” Should any student or faculty member have a complaint or concern toward SROs, there is a process.

Hahn Promotes School Safety

Clearly these students have no respect and reflects their character which need to be addressed. Wake County School Board Policy promises students, families, and all staff a SAFE and ORDERLY working environment

Wake County School Board policy “acknowledges the dignity and worth of all students and employees and strives to create a safe, orderly, caring, and inviting school environment to facilitate student learning and achievement.” There is 0 tolerance for cyber harassment—which includes social media. This policy applies to students in Wake County Schools as well.

“Counselors help when we can’t breathe anymore from all the anxiety. SROs make students hold their breath. See the problem?” ~ Wake County student

School board members, you state that you’re listening to student’s concerns, and that they “have a seat at the table;” however, these students must have manners to sit at the table. Have you sat down with these same students and addressed their disrespectful tweets towards school staff? Explain to them that these harassment tweets are not to be tolerated in WCPSS? Use it as a lesson for students as they get ready for the real world. Is this how we are preparing our students for college and eventually corporate America? Is this how we are encouraging our students to settle disagreements, how to handle different point of views, or even how to address concerns and complaints with future employees by becoming keyboard warriors on Twitter and social media? Most companies have strict social media policies in place. If this egregious behavior continues after graduation and into corporate America, they will definitely get a call from Human Resources and will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

Our SROs are on the front lines of preventing sex trafficking, abuse, gun crimes, and everything else under the sun. WCPSS policy promises a safe environment for everyone! There’s no secret my opponent wants to remove SROs. As a school board member, this behavior will be addressed when I am on the school board. We can’t let students post hateful taunts at our police dept without a response. I will promote school safety and support our SROs.