School Safety Is My Number One Priority

When schools finally reopen, school safety is my number one priority. Ask yourself these questions: Are your children safe? Do you feel peace dropping them off at school? Are you comfortable having them stand alone at the bus stop? What about while they’re learning in the classroom?

Hate is escalating across this country like a wildfire. During the last several months, murder is up 21.8 percent in all 36 cities with 2020 data through at least May. Terrorists groups such as BLM and ANTIFA are taking to the streets with demands and violence.

“Our children’s safety starts at the local level. Our children need and deserve our protection.”

Before moving to Wake County, I worked and lived in Wilson County for nearly ten years. It was my home. When I found out that an innocent five-year old boy named Cannon Hinnant was shot in the head while riding his bike, I was deeply saddened. Last week, the destruction and the violence in my own community in Raleigh North Carolina infuriated me. The violence is at our doorstep.

It is the primary role of our government to protect and keep its citizens safe. The Declaration of Independence guarantees our government to protect us. “To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men.” As violence takes to our communities, our leaders continue to condone instead of condemn the violence. They are failing miserably at this responsibility.

Senator Kamala Harris went even further to encourage these riots; smiling saying that they won’t stop!

John Adams echoed what was outlined in the Declaration of Independence, “Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people…”

School Safety Is My Number One Priority

As parents, when will we say enough? My four boys deserve better! Your kids deserve better. It is a right for our children to be protected. Wake County School Board Policy promises students, families, and all staff a safe and orderly working environment. When it comes to our children, I support SROs in our schools while my opponent does not. Our children need to be protected while in school. I also oppose any BLM/Marxist curriculum resources. There is no room in the classroom for the hatred that this group/movement promotes, encourages, or represents. I have zero tolerance for this divisive, violent, and radical behavior.

Today my friends, we are under attack. There is a domestic enemy in our streets. There is a mob who wants to instill fear in us and make us bow down at their feet. There is a Marxist and socialistic agenda trying to enter our schools and classrooms. Our children’s safety starts at the local level. School safety is my number one priority. Our children need and deserve our protection.