A Need For Curriculum Transparency In Our Schools

There needs to be curriculum transparency in Wake County Public Schools. School systems across the country are adopting politically biased curriculum at an alarming rate, indoctrinating our children to achieve liberal objectives which is why I support Parents Right to Know legislation. This will require local school boards to adopt policies to provide opportunities either for parents to consent or withhold their consent to the students’ participation in any or all of the programs.

Teaching Tolerance Resources

Southern Poverty Law Center, known for including conservative organizations on its list of “hate groups,” created Teaching Tolerance to promote “anti-bias” and “social justice” education in classrooms. It will show up in English/Language Arts and Social Studies in middle school, elementary and likely high school. We saw the WRAL story last year of the highly invasive and inappropriate “diversity inventory” being pushed on students at one WCPSS high school. This must stop.

On the Teaching Tolerance home page, they address “Confronting the Weaponization of Whiteness in Classrooms.” They claim that “weaponizing whiteness happens in classrooms every day.” Their mission is to “shift school culture to an environment free from weaponized whiteness, police intimidation and trauma.” No public school should be teaching children to single out one race in its curriculum. Therefore resources from Teaching Tolerance must be discontinued.

“It is our duty as parents and obligation as educators to ensure our children are taught with principles that give us our freedom.” ~ Greg Hahn

Social Justice is a lesson plan. The Social Justice Movement is an offshoot of Marxist Theory, named for the radical who conceived it, Karl Marx. Marxism and communism caused the death of over 100 million people in the last century. Any curriculum resources advocating communism or Marxism has no place in public school, and must be discontinued.

THE SOLUTION: Teach with credible unbiased curriculum authored by academic historians, rather than politically biased newspaper reporters.

Segregationist Curriculum

Wake County launched a website in June that provides segregationist curriculum lessons for teachers to use in classrooms and for parents to use at home.

The website, created by the school system’s Office of Equity Affairs, encourages teachers to “address the injustices that exist beyond education by the conversations we have with others, by speaking up when we see hate, by supporting efforts that oppose racism and oppression, and by directly engaging in advocacy work.”

Although pursuit of inequality is commendable, the curriculum movement is not resulting in its intended purpose. This segregationist movement is the most radically divisive movement in modern American history. Just look at the riots that are happening almost daily here in this country. Click here to read more.

THE SOLUTION: Teach true American History starting with the four principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence: 1) Equality. 2) Natural Rights. 3) Government’s Responsibility. 4) Rights of the People. Discuss the milestones of our Constitution. From the Albany Plan to the Articles of Confederation to the US Constitution–the Supreme Law of the Land.

The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project is an ongoing initiative from The New York Times Magazine. The project is divisive, politically biased, contains historical inaccuracies, and was not written by academic historians.

The 1619 Project is inaccurate history fueled by bad motives. If this is pushed in our schools, our children–limited ability to discern fact from fiction–will be subjected to a politicized, false history of their country.

Throughout the years, students have been indoctrinated to interpret American History as an ongoing drama of class conflict and nothing more. We see the effects of this education playing out today.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the 1619 Project, admits that it’s not history, but a “work of journalism.”

When I’m elected to the School Board

I will make sure parents have a voice. I support their right to know. I will require all Wake County Public School teachers to post publicly (official school website in same digital location at each school so parents don’t have to hunt for curriculum), in a way that does NOT require a password, any and all “curriculum” that will be presented to students, at least 2 weeks in advance. Parents need to be able to inspect curriculum before it is assigned. As with any academic and education concern, the curriculum complaint form can be filled out and shared with the principal of the school if concerns arise.