School Safety.

Wake County School Board Policy promises students, families, and all staff a safe and orderly working environment.

Wake County schools needs to continue its School Safety policy because we cannot allow our children to feel unsafe in school. We must do better at enforcing a zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment and bullying (including cyber-bullying) – for any reason including religious and political discrimination.

Wake County Public School’s SRO program reflects our community’s desire to protect our schools, keeping them safe, secure and orderly. SROs keep our schools safe. View the SRO Case Study.

Our children’s safety starts at the local level. Our children need and deserve our protection.

School Transparency.

There needs to be curriculum transparency in Wake County Public Schools. School systems across the country are adopting politically biased curriculum at an alarming rate

Wake County Public School teachers need to post publicly (official school website in same digital location at each school so parents don’t have to hunt for curriculum), in a way that does NOT require a password, any and all “curriculum” that will be presented to students, at least 2 weeks in advance. Parents need to be able to inspect curriculum before it is assigned.

It is our duty as parents and obligation as educators to ensure our children are taught with principles that give us our freedom.

School Performance.

We need to RETHINK EDUCATION, by looking for creative and innovative ways to improve our classrooms and the operations of our district. Wake County is the 15th largest school district in the country, and we need to be the leader of EDUCATION INNOVATION, not a distant follower.

Education Week ranked NC 37 out of 50. 63% of our students are below proficient in Math and 67% below proficient in reading. Nearly half of the schools in District 2 have a D or an F. Our kids and our communities deserve better.

As a school board member, my goal is focusing on how to improve school performance. Among the factors that school board members can control, the quality of teachers and administrators are key. For example, I would use the county supplement to award significant salary increases to teachers and administrators that have a record of superior performance. It will take time to develop a workable plan, but it can be done. Our children deserve better.

I also believe that knowing our history helps our children become good citizens. It’s important to keep American history in our schools. Our children need to feel proud to live in this great country. We cannot change what happened yesterday, but what we do today can achieve a better tomorrow.

Other Focus Areas

  • School Choice. School Choice gives parents more options in their children’s education and allows more accountability to parents.
  • School Accountability. We owe it to our residents to be very mindful of how money is spent and whether we are receiving the expected return on our investment.
  • Parent Accountability. Parents must open dialogue to determine what teachers and parents should expect from each other—establishing a collaborative effort.
  • Student Conduct. Our teachers need to have the resources and support to handle any incident that may occur during the school day.
  • Always Learning and Adapting. Currently, the most pressing issue facing our school district is the pandemic and how we are going to continue to meet the learning needs of all students.
  • Rewarding our Teachers. We need to reward teachers who are going the extra mile and improving their classrooms. The Wake County District needs to be the place that every teacher wants to teach.
  • Attracting Talent. Recruiting teachers earlier in the year to ensure Wake County is competing for the best teachers from the best universities.

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